UV Specials

UV Specials

The VGE Pro range consists of a complete selection of industrial purification systems based on UV-C technology. Our UV-C systems make water, surfaces and air healthy, clear and safe and keep it free from algae, bacteria and viruses. This makes VGE Pro the driving force in water treatment installations.


  • Tailor-made UV-C systems. VGE Pro offers a solution for every problem.

Technical specifications

VGE Pro UV Specials

AOP UV System

Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP): are chemical treatment methods to reduce organic and inorganic components from water via oxidation. AOP uses the oxidative power of the hydroxyl radical (•OH), which has the second-best oxidation potential and is the strongest oxidizer that can be used in water. The •OH radical, which can be generated by combining UV-C radiation with f.i. H2O2 or ozone can be used to reduce or eliminate micropollutants (bio-, pesticides, pharmaceutical residuals, heavy metals, etc.) in your water. The process converts the contaminant materials to a large extent into stable compounds such as water, carbon dioxide and salts, i.e. they are mineralized. In general, when used correctly, AOP can significantly reduce the COD and TOC levels in your water. In general, it is advised to apply the AOP as a final treatment step in a water treatment system so that all natural present scavengers of the hydroxyl radical are reduced as much as possible, especially bicarbonate ions (HCO3) are a strong •OH scavenger.

Possible AOP applications
Although there are many applications for AOP, three types of AOP applications provide effective treatment and are cost-effective when compared to other technologies, being:
• Micropollutant treatment;
• Treatment of taste-and-odour compounds;
• Recycled water treatment.

VGE B.V. has a modular system in its extensive portfolio which can handle any flow no matter the water quality. In some cases, depending on the pollutant, UV radiation can oxidize undesired components from your water directly without any additive, this process is called photolysis which also can be realized with our modular UV system.

Uses the oxidative power of the hydroxyl radical (*OH)
Reduces the COD and TOC levels in your water
Is advised as final step in water treatment systems

we are VGE PRO

Harmful pathogens are a scourge within the aquaculture industry and are often controlled with antibiotics. This has a negative impact on the water quality and thus also on the quality of the fish. As the aquaculture sector is growing every year, it becomes more important to reduce these pathogens in a sustainable way.

The answer for this is UV-C disinfection. UV-C disinfection is safe to use and protects against fish diseases without formation of any disinfection by products (DBPs) and ensures a higher survival rate. VGE Pro UV-C systems are therefore very cost-effective for the inactivation of many types of bacteria, viruses and parasites and provide healthy, clear and safe water.

Uv disinfection solutions

When developing VGE Pro systems everything revolves around efficiency and ease of maintenance. The VGE Pro UV-C devices are equipped with unique Smart Pin Technology (SPT) or Single-end Bayonet Technology (SBT). These innovative technologies ensure that UV-C lamps are integrated in the UV-C device efficiently and intelligently. In addition, the technology makes it possible to replace and maintain the lamps safely, even when the system is still filled with water.

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