VGE Pro offers UV solutions for a variety of industrial applications. When developing VGE Pro systems everything revolves around efficiency and ease of maintenance. The VGE Pro UV-C devices are equipped with unique Smart Pin Technology (SPT) or Single-end Bayonet Technology (SBT). These innovative technologies ensure UV-C lamps are integrated into the UV-C device efficiently and intelligently. In addition, the technology makes it possible to replace and maintain the lamps safely, even when the system is still filled with water. Finally, creating custom-made industrial UV solutions with VGE Pro is possible.

Our support team of qualified engineers is available for on-site training and technical support, being able to assist in setting up the entire system. Extensive information and technical knowledge are always provided, to ensure maximum performance and system reliability.

VGE Pro:

* is a leading company

* offers personal service

* cooperates in a professional way

* is a reliable partner

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Unfortunately, we do not deliver to private individuals.