The water quality for a fish in aquaculture and aquariums is vital. 

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A VGE Pro UV system ensures this quality and makes sure of clean and safe water. The radiation inactivates infectious germs and other pathogens. This ensures healthy fish and a lower amount of medication in the water.

UV-C is sustainable and effective

Germs are a torment in fish farming and aquariums and are often controlled with antibiotics. This has a negative effect on the quality of the water. Pollution, food residues and fish excrement that serve as a breeding ground for bacteria affect the quality level of the water and thus the environment of fish. UV disinfection is a safe and reliable form of water treatment for this.


VGE Pro UV-C systems

Our UV-C systems ensure a healthy living environment for fish by disinfecting water. After a filter system has filtered all solid dirt particles from the water, UV radiation disinfects the remaining water by inactivating micro-organisms. This allows the water to be reused, such as in a RAS system (Recirculating Aquaculture System), and incoming new intake water is safe. The end result is safe and clear water without antibiotics chemicals.

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UV-C protects your fish

UV-C has been applied for years in aquaculture, for example to guarantee a higher survival rate at hatcheries or for a higher occupancy rate. In addition, a VGE Pro UV system can remove ozone residues that are added for oxidation. These residues can be harmful to the fish and must be removed from the water before it flows back into a water tank.


Remove micropollutants

The addition of hydrogen peroxide in combination with UV-C ensures an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) that can also remove micropollutants such as geosmin and 2-MIB. This saves a lot of time and loss of the product. Our UV systems can be used in both fresh and salt water and are supplied in a closed reactor or via an open channel system for high flows without loss of pressure. Because a UV-C disinfection system is part of a filter installation, water is disinfected in the most efficient and sustainable way.

Which UV solutions apply?

Water reuse

Due to increasing water scarcity and sustainability, the need to reuse water is increasingly crucial. In order to comply with the guidelines, it is necessary for companies to set up their water treatment system as efficiently as possible so that water wastage is prevented.

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Water reservoir

Many sectors use buffer tanks in which water is stored in reservoirs. This water can stand still for a long time, giving micro-organisms the opportunity to grow. 

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Advanced oxidation (AOP)

AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes) can be used for oxidizing organic and inorganic materials in water where UV radiation or chemicals alone are not effective enough.

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Circulation water

Circulating water involves processes in which water is continuously circulated. During this circulation process, the water can become contaminated with organic material, which can lead to the development of (micro) biology in the water.

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Rainwater collection

The weather is getting more and more extreme. Longer periods of drought and heavy rain showers alternate. When there is so much rain in one go, the ground cannot absorb the water properly.

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Custom build

Together with the customer, we always look for the best UV disinfection solution. 

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Corrosive water

There are various sectors where corrosive water is used. The water treatment system must be resistant to this water.

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Water disinfection research facility shrimp

Water disinfection research facility shrimp

A biotechnology-based spin-off company from Ghent University uses VGE Pro for disinfecting water.

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