Water re-use for fruit cooperative

Water re-use for fruit cooperative

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Water reuse fruit cooperative

About the fruit cooperative
This fruit cooperative is an organization with which more than 400 fruit growers are affiliated. It is responsible for the marketing of fruit both at home and abroad. It supervises the fruit from cultivation to purchase by the consumer; from sorting and packaging to marketing and shop floor presentation.
The fruit cooperative can supply Dutch quality fruit directly from the source to (inter)national trading houses and retailers It has its own facility and logistics center in the Netherlands, making it an indispensable party for the fruit market.

The question
For the processing of its apples, the fruit cooperative transports them over water via long lanes. In this way, the apples are cleaned so that they can ultimately be consumed safely by the consumer. From the perspective of sustainability, the company was looking for a solution to reuse the cleaning water and prevent water wastage.

The solution
Inside the water treatment process, the UVC installation ensures sustainable disinfection of water, making water reuse possible. As it is a physical process, no unwanted compounds are added to the water which can alter the quality and potentially harm your crop. Besides, unlike chemicals and other pesticides, VGE Pro UV is non-selective. Any pathogen inside the water will be easily destroyed! In this way you and I eat a healthy and sustainable apple!