Drinking water

Safe drinking water is vital, the water must be free from pathogenic micro-organisms. 

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Drinking water

VGE Pro guarantees high water quality through reliable water treatment with UV-C. A VGE Pro UV disinfection system provides microbiologically reliable and safe drinking water, by inactivating micro-organisms.

No chemicals

Pathogens make water unsuitable for consumption, which can be made safe by chemicals such as chlorine. Pathogenic micro-organisms, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia, have a high resistance to chemical disinfectants. In contrast to these chemicals, UV disinfection causes the micro-organisms to be inactivated. When treating drinking water with UV radiation, no pathogenic disinfection by-products (DBP) are formed, which can occur during chemical disinfection of the water.


Suitable UV system

The VGE Pro UV-C systems consist of different units with low pressure or medium pressure UV lamps. Depending on the customer demand, it is determined which system and control panel are most suitable. It is possible to adapt the system to customer demand, for example by adding more lamps. With the help of sensors it is possible to monitor and guarantee the disinfection process at all times.

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User friendly

Depending on the application, a VGE Pro UV system can consist of one or more systems. With our special lamp heads it is always visible whether the lamp is on. In addition, our SPT (Smart Pin Technology) and SBT (Single-end Bayonet Technology) ensure that the lamps are easy to replace, even when the irradiation chamber is filled with water. This makes our systems very user-friendly.



VGE Pro systems can also be used for oxidative processes such as breaking down chlorine or ozone. This process is called photolysis. Hardly degradable substances in the water can be reduced with an AOP system. AOP (Advanced Oxidation Process) combines UV radiation with an oxidizing agent to produce OH radicals (strongest oxidizing agent in water) to oxidize the water. VGE Pro UV-C systems can also be dimensioned for AOP applications.

Which UV solutions apply?

Legionella prevention

The legionella bacteria is a major problem for human safety. The pathogenic bacterium spreads through water mist and can thus infect the respiratory tract.

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Water reservoir

Many sectors use buffer tanks in which water is stored in reservoirs. This water can stand still for a long time, giving micro-organisms the opportunity to grow. 

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Drink water

Drinking water is used in all kinds of application areas and must always meet the required specifications. Whether it is tap water in an office, water used to irrigate crops or process water in a factory.

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Water reuse

Due to increasing water scarcity and sustainability, the need to reuse water is increasingly crucial. In order to comply with the guidelines, it is necessary for companies to set up their water treatment system as efficiently as possible so that water wastage is prevented.

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Advanced oxidation (AOP)

AOP (Advanced Oxidation Processes) can be used for oxidizing organic and inorganic materials in water where UV radiation or chemicals alone are not effective enough.

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Custom build

Together with the customer, we always look for the best UV disinfection solution. 

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Legionella management

Legionella management

A renowned financial office in Amsterdam choose VGE Pro for legionella management.

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