In shipping or on a cruise ship, the (drinking)water is often stored in large tanks on board.

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Still water is a source of germs, such as the legionella bacteria. To guarantee the safety of guests and staff, it is important to treat the water with a disinfection system. UV-C radiation inactivates microorganisms and thus fights legionella. In addition, it is the perfect solution to disinfect wastewater before it ends up in the ocean.

Disinfection water tanks with UV-C

The quality of drinking water on a (cruise)ship, oil tanker or yacht must meet certain guidelines. A VGE Pro UV system in the filter installation of the water tank can guarantee the safety of the water. The radiation inactivates bacteria, viruses and pathogens. The result is clean and safe water that can meet the regulations and requirements for (drinking)water at sea.

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Clean wastewater

Within the shipping industry, there are strict regulations for the discharge of waste water into the ocean. These requirements can be met by installing a VGE Pro UV-C disinfection system. The UV radiation treats the water in the final process and thus ensures that it can be discharged into the ocean free of harmful micro-organisms.


VGE Pro UV-C systems

VGE Pro UV-C systems consist of low or medium pressure UV lamps. The low pressure UV lamps are equipped with our SPT (Smart Pin Technology) lamp head, the medium pressure UV lamps are equipped with the SBT (Single-end Bayonet Technology) lamp head. Both lamp heads have a visual lamp indication and ensure that the lamp can be easily and safely replaced, even if the irradiation chamber is filled with water. These lamps only allow one side to be free for mounting and / or replacement of the lamps, which saves space. This means that a VGE Pro system can be easily installed in the water treatment installation on a ship.

Which UV solutions apply?

Legionella prevention

The legionella bacteria is a major problem for human safety. The pathogenic bacterium spreads through water mist and can thus infect the respiratory tract.

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Water reservoir

Many sectors use buffer tanks in which water is stored in reservoirs. This water can stand still for a long time, giving micro-organisms the opportunity to grow. 

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Water reuse

Due to increasing water scarcity and sustainability, the need to reuse water is increasingly crucial. In order to comply with the guidelines, it is necessary for companies to set up their water treatment system as efficiently as possible so that water wastage is prevented.

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Drink water

Drinking water is used in all kinds of application areas and must always meet the required specifications. Whether it is tap water in an office, water used to irrigate crops or process water in a factory.

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Corrosive water

There are various sectors where corrosive water is used. The water treatment system must be resistant to this water.

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Air disinfection

UV-C disinfection has been used for years to disinfect water, but is also ideal for air treatment. Air disinfection can be used to prevent the spread of microorganisms through the air.

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Surface disinfection

UV-C disinfection has a long history in applications for water, but can also be used for disinfecting surfaces. These are surfaces to which microorganisms can attach themselves.

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Custom build

Together with the customer, we always look for the best UV disinfection solution. 

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Legionella management

Legionella management

A renowned financial office in Amsterdam choose VGE Pro for legionella management.

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