UV-C disinfection by VGE Pro can be used for various applications. Always with the ultimate goal: safe disinfection of water, air and surfaces.

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VGE Pro UV systems

Health and safety are vital in many sectors. VGE Pro UV-C systems ensure that water, surface and air quality is optimal, regardless of the industry you operate in. Our passion and knowledge makes it possible for you to adapt the standard base quality of our systems to the specific needs of your installation.

UV-C disinfection is sustainable, environmentally friendly and the solution for many disinfection problems. Moreover, VGE Pro UV-C systems are easy to use and maintain.


Modular systems

The VGE Pro series consists of modular systems. Due to the difference in irradiation chamber, type and quantity of lamps and the different control systems, there is always a suitable disinfection solution for every application.

The systems are equipped with low pressure or medium pressure UV lamps. These feature a unique technology that makes the lamps easy to install and replace, even when the irradiation chamber is filled with water. In addition, the lamp heads are equipped with a visual indicator to see whether the lamp is lit.

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