Swimming pool and spa

Swimming pool and spa


Swimming pool and spa

UV radiation disinfects the water and inactivates even chlorine-resistant microorganisms. In addition, a VGE Pro UV system can limit the use of chlorine and other chemicals. Besides disinfection, it can also break down chloramines. This removes the unpleasant odor of bound chlorine (chloramine) and helps prevent red eyes and irritation to the skin and respiratory tract.

Safe and comfortable swimming water
Swimming enthusiasts want to be able to enjoy clean and safe water without worrying, experiencing the unpleasant (typical) swimming pool odor of chloramines, getting red eyes or irritation to the skin and respiratory tract. How do you ensure that the swimming pool water in a public or private pool, jacuzzi or spa is and remains of high quality? A VGE Pro UV-C system helps with this. It disinfects water and thus ensures clean and safe swimming water.

Disinfection and degradation of chloramine
UV radiation attacks the DNA of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens. This ensures that (chlorine-resistant) micro-organisms become inactive and can no longer multiply. VGE Pro uses both low-pressure and medium-pressure UV lamps for this. With a low-pressure UV lamp, water can be disinfected efficiently and reliably. The medium pressure UV lamps are very suitable for disinfection, but can also be used to break down chloramines.

Due to the relatively small size of private swimming pools, VGE Pro systems with low-pressure UV lamps are used for this, which are also suitable for reducing mono-chloramines. For larger and public pools where, in addition to good disinfection the reduction of mono-, di- and trichloramine is important, the medium-pressure UV lamp systems are the best choice.

Modular system
VGE Pro systems can always be built modular. Depending on the customer's demand, the size and shape of the irradiation chambers are chosen. As well as the number and type of UV lamps with, of course, a control suitable for the application. This means that a VGE Pro UV system is always optimally suitable for the application.

Please note: legislation may differ per country. Make sure you are well informed by the local authorities.