Strawberry grower's successful search for drain water disinfection

Strawberry grower's successful search for drain water disinfection

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Drain water disinfection for a strawberry grower

About the client
This strawberry grower in the center of the country produces about 8,000,000 kg of strawberries per year in 8 different types of varieties. The strawberries are grown in greenhouses, on racks and in the open ground. This ensures different types of drain water and proper disinfection of this water is, therefore, a 'must'. Especially since the rules for this are getting stricter.

The question
Due to the colorization that comes with the substrate and the addition of nutrients, the water is often less transparent from coco peat and disinfection requires a different approach. There was also a need for flexibility. A standard solution was therefore not obvious, so a customized system had to be found.

The solution
Together with one of our partners, VGE has designed a UV disinfection system. The system has been installed for an area of ​​16 hectares in total and disinfects the drain water with a maximum of 25 m³/h. An advanced PLC with a touch screen automatically controls the flow and continuously calculates the transmission of the water.

Sensors continuously measure the water quality, after which, if necessary, the pump capacity is automatically adjusted to extend the contact time. This ensures better treatment with a higher disinfection result.

There is an automatic filter in the unit and because an acid flush is built in, the quartz glasses in the UV systems are cleaned automatically. All this means that the grower can rely on a continuously running installation that regulates and maintains itself completely.

In this way, all wishes were granted and the strawberries can find their way to the customer sustainably.