Datacenters and utilities

Legionella can cause a major problem within cooling towers, data centers and utilities.

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Datacenters and utilities

 UV-C disinfection can be used to counteract this. UV radiation inactivates microorganisms. In this way, water, air and surfaces can be tackled and both legionella and biofilm can be controlled.

Protection by UV-C

The presence of the legionella bacteria is a common problem in cooling towers. In addition, biofilm can arise in the pipework. A UV-C system is a reliable water treatment in which the cooling water is disinfected to combat legionella, among other things, and to reduce the formation of biofilm in the pipework.


Stagnant water

In utility buildings, water can sometimes stand still for a long time. This supports the growth of microorganisms, including legionella. By using a VGE Pro UV-C system, employees in large office buildings and logistics centers can drink and shower safely. Water in fountains must also be disinfected, as legionella spreads through the water mist. VGE Pro offers a wide range of UV-C systems for this.

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Not only disinfects water

In addition to water, UV-C can also disinfect air. This is ideal for spaces where people work intensively. Including a UV system in the air treatment system ensures the health of employees. Disinfecting surfaces, such as desks, with UV-C also enhances a healthy and safe working environment.


VGE Pro UV-C systems

Our VGE Pro UV-C series consists of various systems that can be modularly assembled and deployed. Based on customer demand, a system with an application-dependent control box is selected in order to achieve optimal disinfection. The lamp technology of VGE Pro makes the lamps easy and safe to replace, even when the irradiation chamber is filled with water. With the help of sensors it is possible to monitor and guarantee the disinfection process at all times

Which UV solutions apply?

Circulation water

Circulating water involves processes in which water is continuously circulated. During this circulation process, the water can become contaminated with organic material, which can lead to the development of (micro) biology in the water.

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Legionella prevention

The legionella bacteria is a major problem for human safety. The pathogenic bacterium spreads through water mist and can thus infect the respiratory tract.

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Water reservoir

Many sectors use buffer tanks in which water is stored in reservoirs. This water can stand still for a long time, giving micro-organisms the opportunity to grow. 

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Corrosive water

There are various sectors where corrosive water is used. The water treatment system must be resistant to this water.

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Air disinfection

UV-C disinfection has been used for years to disinfect water, but is also ideal for air treatment. Air disinfection can be used to prevent the spread of microorganisms through the air.

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Surface disinfection

UV-C disinfection has a long history in applications for water, but can also be used for disinfecting surfaces. These are surfaces to which microorganisms can attach themselves.

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Custom build

Together with the customer, we always look for the best UV disinfection solution. 

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Legionella management

Legionella management

A renowned financial office in Amsterdam choose VGE Pro for legionella management.

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