UV disinfection at Burgers' Zoo

UV disinfection at Burgers' Zoo

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About Burgers' Zoo
Dive into 8 million liters of water, go on an adventure in the covered jungle and admire the vultures in the desert! Experience 45 hectares of the animal park in Burgers' Zoo! Burgers' Zoo distinguishes itself from other zoos by its eco-displays, which simulate natural living environments on a large scale in which the visitor is part of nature and animals

The question
For both their Mangrove and the tropical coral reef aquarium, Burgers was looking for a good disinfection system that promotes the quality of life of the animals. In addition, the UV disinfection systems provide increased water clarity, to the benefit of visitors.

The solution
To meet Burgers' Zoo's request, VGE installed three HDPE VGE Pro UV systems. The systems not only ensure proper disinfection of the mangrove and the lagoon basin but also the quarantine tank has been included in the project. Using the UV systems, safe biosecurity has been realized, which will increase the welfare of the animals and make them feel 'like a fish in water'.