Clean water is of great importance to cultivating healthy crops. A UV-C system from VGE Pro inactivates bacteria, viruses and fungi such as Pythium and Fusarium, without leaving any residue in the water. This makes irrigation even more sustainable.

UV-C ensures a safe crop

Various harmful micro-organisms grow in the closed circuit of horticulture. These move mostly via water. When irrigating crops, water seeps through a substrate into a tank. This tank stores the drain water so that it can be reused. This water should be treated before use to counteract pathogens that can attack the crop.

VGE Pro UV-C systems

The VGE Pro series is very suitable for disinfecting water. The UV radiation inactive microorganisms without leaving any residue, unlike other disinfection systems. This ensures safe water with which plants can be irrigated. For the constant growth of healthy crops disinfection must take place. Especially in summer periods when the growth of pathogens in water is enhanced by warmer temperatures.

Some viruses and fungi are present in large numbers in the water. This requires a long contact time with UV, especially when certain nutrients are reused. Special housings are used to permanently inactivate these micro-organisms, which are easy to install in an irrigation system.

Disinfection of intake water

Our UV-C systems can also be used to disinfect rainwater or surface water. During a long period of drought, the rainwater is collected and then (temporarily) stored. This creates pollution in the water of microorganisms that can attack the crop. UV-C radiation inactivates these pathogens and thus provides safe water for irrigation.

In addition, a VGE Pro UV system can be used to guarantee food safety for a longer period. For example by disinfecting the water used to wash fruit or vegetables. This way, legionella, Ecoli and other bacteria are combated to extend the shelf life.

UV-C for clean results

In addition to water, surface and air can also be disinfected with UV-C. For example, crates or trays can be disinfected to prevent contamination. Placing a VGE Pro UV-C unit in the air installation deactivates fungi that spread through the air.