Case - Creating safe drinking water for livestock animals

creating safe drinking water for livestock animals, using the vge pro uv disinfector skid

About the customer

Summit Water Systems, a part of THE SCHIPPERS GROUP, addresses the entire water purification process to provide sufficient, reliable, and clean drinking water for livestock. This aligns perfectly with The Schppiers Group's vision to reduce antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and support farmers worldwide in animal health, production, and performance. 

"We are convinced that water quality has a direct link to the health status of livestock, and therefore we are daily concerned with the quality of drinking water in professional animal husbandry. Our approach ensures the complete purification process intending to always provide sufficient, reliable, safe drinking water for the livestock. With the starting point that every livestock farmer can drink the water of his animals himself.”

The solutions provided by Schippers are applied in all branches of livestock farming.

The challenge
Schippers operates at the 'front end' of intensive livestock farming. This means they ensure that the water (which can be rain- or surface water) is treated and disinfected before it reaches the livestock as drinking water. Schippers was particularly looking for a reliable partner for the disinfection part, someone who could deliver the best product, not necessarily the cheapest.

The solution
There has been a good collaboration with VGE B.V. for many years, which is why Schippers approached them for a disinfection solution that could easily be integrated with the existing water treatment systems. "Other companies often use separate units, lower wattages, and the lamps quickly break.”

In collaboration with VGE B.V., the UV Disinfector Skid was developed, as it is much more efficient in treating water with a lower UV transmittance than of regular potable water. Being a 'Plug & Play' concept, it ensures easy installation of the unit. The indicator lights and the day counter also ensure that the farmer is 'relieved of care,' as they especially want no hassle. It also has an automatic tap that ensures that the UV units are automatically cooled, which is necessary when there is less demand for water (the lamps remain on continuously). Schippers was enthusiastic about the chosen solution. "Also the water at our headquarter is disinfected using this system.”

Currently, Schippers mainly supplies UV Disinfector Skids in Belgium, where there is a growing market for the use of rain and surface water. This is only the beginning as the applications offer enormous possibilities!

Intensive livestock farming - UV Disinfector skid