Rainwater collection

The weather is getting more and more extreme. Longer periods of drought and heavy rain showers alternate. When there is so much rain in one go, the ground cannot absorb the water properly.

This is why rainwater is increasingly collected to be able to use it again at a later time. With a VGE Pro UV system, the water can be used safely, even after standing still for a long time.


Stagnant water

The collected rainwater often remains in a reservoir for a longer period of time. During this period of inactivity, microorganisms are given time to multiply and contaminate the water. Before the water can be used, it must first be purified and disinfected. A VGE Pro UV system disinfects the water reliably and efficiently by inactivating micro-organisms.

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Save costs with UV

In some countries, the cost of water is very high, making rainwater collection and later use in the process very attractive. Of course, this water must meet certain guidelines. For example, rainwater in horticulture is also collected to irrigate the crop. In order not to damage the crop, it is important to inactivate the harmful microorganisms. A VGE Pro UV-C water treatment is an excellent solution for this. The UV-C radiation inactivates microorganisms and thus ensures safe and disinfected rainwater.


Keep water safe

Rainwater can be used in aquaculture to maintain the water level in a reservoir. By treating the water with UV, the harmful microorganisms for fish are inactivated. The make-up water can now be added without worrying about contaminating the fish.


VGE Pro UV Inox systems provide perfect disinfection thanks to their high power and treatment close to the UV lamp. 

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VGE Pro UV Immersion

No pressure loss is a great advantage of the VGE Pro Immersion series, because the UV-C lamps are integrated into your water system without a housing. 

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The VGE Pro UV Float has been specially developed to disinfect reservoirs, storage tanks and cooling towers by means of UV-C radiation.

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