Pool water

Swimming pool water must comply with the guidelines at all times to guarantee the safety and health of visitors and staff. By installing a VGE Pro UV system in the water treatment system, this can be met.

General irritations with swimming pool water

There are a number of well-known irritations at swimming pools: red eyes, irritation to the skin and respiratory tract and of course the unpleasant (typical) swimming pool odor caused by chloramines. These irritations are often caused by using chemical disinfectants. By using a UV system, these irritations can be reduced or in some cases even completely counteracted.

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UV-C effect in bathing water

The UV radiation of a VGE Pro system inactivates (pathogenic) micro-organisms and ensures that they can no longer multiply. The result is safe and sustainable disinfected bathing water. While it can happen that certain micro-organisms are resistant to it with chemical disinfectants, this is not the case with UV-C. In addition, UV-C disinfection does not produce disinfecting byproducts (DBP).


Low pressure and medium pressure UV lamp systems

You can choose between low-pressure and medium-pressure UV lamps for disinfecting bathing water. VGE Pro systems with low pressure UV lamps are used for private pools with a relatively small size. In addition to disinfection, these systems also reduce mono-chloramines.

The medium pressure UV lamp systems are used for larger and public baths where, in addition to disinfection, reduction of mono-, di- and trichloramine are also important.


VGE Pro UV Inox systems provide perfect disinfection thanks to their high power and treatment close to the UV lamp. 

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VGE Pro UV-C devices made of HDPE are ideal for disinfection of salt water, corrosive water and highly polluted water.

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VGE Pro UV Medium Pressure

The VGE Pro medium pressure UV lamp system combines a compact design with a high lamp power.

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