Low transmittance

By transmission is meant the transmittance of UV-C radiation in the water. It is possible that the water is of poor quality due to solid and / or dissolved substances.

The UV radiation can therefore penetrate poorly into the water. In this case, a low UV-C transmission is mentioned. Despite a low UV-C transmission due to solutes, a VGE Pro UV system can be used successfully, provided it is properly sized.


UV-C dosage

In order to achieve reliable disinfection with water with a (very) low transmission, we work with a specially developed UV system with a thin water layer. VGE Pro disinfection systems for low transmission can also be used for processes that require a high UV dose, such as AOP oxidation.

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Transmission range

By using a VGE Pro UV system with a thin water layer, liquids with a transmission value of less than 20% (T10mm) can also be reliably treated with UV radiation. For example, think of drain water disinfection in greenhouse horticulture, where the irrigation water is discolored by the many dissolved nutrients. Within the food industry, the UV-C transmission of water can be affected by contamination of the product. In these cases, a VGE Pro UV system can be placed at the end of the water treatment installation in order to achieve the desired disinfection result.


VGE Pro UV Inox systems provide perfect disinfection thanks to their high power and treatment close to the UV lamp. 

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