Legionella prevention

The legionella bacteria is a major problem for human safety. The pathogenic bacterium spreads through water mist and can thus infect the respiratory tract.

This is a common problem for all business sectors and the recreational sector. Water mist is more common than expected; such as showering, a jacuzzi, spraying a hockey field or golf course and don't forget a fountain. Because the legionella bacteria are naturally in the water, the risk of contamination always remains. Installing a VGE Pro UV system as a gatekeeper (Point Of Entrance) can reduce the risk of legionella contamination.


Minimize spread

Legionella infection is caused by inhaling contaminated water mist. Because water mist is easily created, it can pose a great risk to human safety. With a VGE Pro UV system, these harmful micro-organisms are inactivated to prevent contamination.

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Water atomization

Water atomization is common in companies, consciously and unconsciously. Our UV-C disinfection systems inactivate micro-organisms. Within office buildings, the legionella bacteria can easily spread in a personnel shower or an air humidification system. Especially after a longer shutdown, during which a growth of legionella bacteria occurs in the standing water in the pipeline network. Cooling towers can also cause the spread of legionella bacteria. The air used to cool the water contains aerosols in which the bacteria can be found. These aerosols can spread in a large circumference and thus increase the risk of legionella infection.


Recreational hazard

In the recreational sector, water is often used which can also release mist. For example, fountains can be a source of legionella contamination. Spraying the water creates a lot of mist in which legionella bacteria can spread. The same applies to swimming pools where there are many devices that spray water and thus cause mist. The heat from the water can stimulate the growth of the legionella bacteria. This is often counteracted by the use of chlorine. The use of chlorine often does not work well enough and produces disinfection byproducts (DBP) that are not conducive to human health. By installing a VGE Pro UV system, harmful micro-organisms, such as the legionella bacteria, are inactivated and legionella contamination can be prevented.


VGE Pro UV Inox systems provide perfect disinfection thanks to their high power and treatment close to the UV lamp. 

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VGE Pro UV-C devices made of HDPE are ideal for disinfection of salt water, corrosive water and highly polluted water.

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VGE Pro UV Air disinfection

VGE Pro has developed a new UV-system for safe and reliable disinfection of air. 

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