Corrosive water

There are various sectors where corrosive water is used. The water treatment system must be resistant to this water.

Because there is a chance that corrosive water can also attack stainless steel irradiation chambers, VGE Pro offers a UV-C system series that are equipped with an irradiation chamber of High Density PolyEthene (HDPE). This offers a sustainable way of treating and disinfecting water.


Corrosive water resistant

VGE Pro has chosen the material HDPE for treating corrosive water, such as salt water. HDPE is a type of plastic that is corrosion resistant and is not affected by aggressive UV-C radiation due to the addition of carbon. This results in our UV systems that can be used to disinfect corrosive water. The radiation inactivates micro-organisms that are present and thus easily disinfects water.

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Contaminated water

By using a VGE Pro UV system in a water treatment system with corrosive water, it is disinfected in a reliable and durable manner. For example, it is possible to disinfect salt water in swimming pools when using salt electrolysis. Water that is taken from the sea for cooling water or fish farms can also be disinfected with an HDPE chamber.


Modular systems

The VGE Pro UV HDPE series is modular. The size of the irradiation chamber and the application-oriented control is chosen according to customer demand. If the standard range does not offer suitable solutions, we will jointly look for a custom VGE Pro UV system. And by using our SPT (Smart Pin Technology) lamp head, the lamps are easy and safe to replace, even when the irradiation chamber is filled with water. In addition, it saves space during installation, as only 1 side has to remain free for installation and/or replacement of a UV lamp or quartz tube.


VGE Pro UV-C devices made of HDPE are ideal for disinfection of salt water, corrosive water and highly polluted water.

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