Circulation water

Circulating water involves processes in which water is continuously circulated. During this circulation process, the water can become contaminated with organic material, which can lead to the development of (micro) biology in the water.

Circulation water must continuously meet process-dependent quality standards, which can be endangered by micro-organisms that can be harmful to both the process and the water treatment system. A VGE Pro UV-C system inactivates these micro-organisms, without leaving a residue.


Safe water

Circulating water is used in various sectors, including in cooling water and aquaculture applications. Because the water circulates constantly, contamination by micro-organisms can occur. This can be prevented with chemical disinfection (biocides), however this is not desired or even permitted in many processes. Besides that, the use of biocides can affect the water treatment system. VGE Pro UV offers a safe and reliable way of disinfection in which micro-organisms are inactivated. The UV-C dosage can be adjusted depending on the circulation time of the water and the multiplication time of micro-organisms. In this way, VGE Pro can offer a UV-C solution that seamlessly matches the needs of the customer.

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VGE Pro UV-C against biofilm

In applications with cooling water systems biofilm can form in the pipework. This is an excellent basis for the development of micro-organisms (in particular the legionella bacteria), which are released back into the water. When the use of biocides is not possible or allowed, a VGE Pro UV system offers a good solution. Due to this powerful form of disinfection the development of biofilm, and the micro-organisms present in it, can be counteracted and in some cases even stopped.


Product quality

There are high demands on product quality in various sectors, such as the food industry. The water used in the processes within these sectors must meet certain quality requirements. Due to the constant circulation of the water, an increased amount of harmful micro-organisms can be present that can affect the product and/or the production process. UV systems inactivate these micro-organisms and thus ensure safe and disinfected water.

For example, a VGE Pro UV system can also be used to keep water in balance at the micro-biological level within the fish farm. This water can contain organic pollution from a surplus of feed or fish excrement. The water passes through the VGE Pro UV-C system several times, which inactivates a large part of these polluting micro-organisms and does not affect the fish.


VGE Pro UV Inox systems provide perfect disinfection thanks to their high power and treatment close to the UV lamp. 

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VGE Pro UV-C devices made of HDPE are ideal for disinfection of salt water, corrosive water and highly polluted water.

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VGE Pro UV Medium Pressure

The VGE Pro medium pressure UV lamp system combines a compact design with a high lamp power.

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VGE Pro UV Immersion

No pressure loss is a great advantage of the VGE Pro Immersion series, because the UV-C lamps are integrated into your water system without a housing. 

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