VGE Pro UV Surface disinfection

Safely disinfect all kinds of surfaces with our new VGE Pro UV unit for surface disinfection.


The VGE Pro Surface disinfection unit is designed to safely and quickly disinfect all kinds of surfaces. The design is made for easy use. By pressing the button the lamp is turned on. After a few moment the lamp is suitable to start the disinfection process. 

  • No chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • Custom build possible


Pathogenic micro-organisms can attach to any kind of surface, causing contamination. Instead of using chemicals to disinfect these surfaces, you can use the VGE Pro Surface disinfection.

Using the handheld is simple. Slowly move the handheld over the surfaces that you want to disinfect and the UV radiation of the lamp inactivates the microorganisms. The unit can be used to disinfect all kinds of surfaces; desktops, car interior, crops in horticulture, chairs etc. When necessary, the surface UV disinfection unit can be custom made to guarantee the desired disinfection results.

VGE Pro Surface Disinfection 800X800
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