VGE Pro UV Air disinfection

VGE Pro has developed a new UV-system for safe and reliable disinfection of air. 


The system can be placed in an air ventilation system. Pathogenic microorganisms spread through the air in aerosols. By (re)circulating air in a room, the chance of contamination increases.


Contamination via aerosols

The risk of virus infection via aerosols is always present. Viruses and other pathogenic microorganisms easily spread through the air. UV light inactivates these microorganisms and prevents them from reproducing themselves. This means that the air that leaves the UV system is free of pathogens.

  • Custom made possible
  • No use of chemicals
  • Retrofit
  • Easy and reliable

Product design

A VGE Pro air UV-C System is always composed of a UV-C irradiation chamber and electronic drivers. In case of air ventilation systems, the irradiation chamber is often made from existing air ducts. In that case, the lamps are integrated into the air ducts as a retrofit system. For new or partially new systems, we will work together to find the most suitable custom made solution.

Generally an inline design of the irradiation chamber will be chosen with the UV-C lamps placed perpendicular to the direction of the flow. This in order to obtain a good irradiation of the air in combination with a negligible air flow loss. The design choice of the irradiation chamber in combination with the low pressure UV-C lamp is tailored to the application to realize the best possible air treatment result and disinfection.

Air Disinfection 800X800

VGE Pro UV-C control units

Each VGE Pro UV-C disinfection system is equipped with a control cabinet. Depending on the requirements the suited control panel can be selected in combination with a treatment chamber and selected options.

Low Pressure Control Unit 800X800
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