Surface disinfection

UV-C disinfection has a long history in applications for water, but can also be used for disinfecting surfaces. These are surfaces to which microorganisms can attach themselves.

Can be used for every sector

Surface disinfection by means of UV can be applied in many sectors. Think, for example, of disinfecting stables within livestock farming, irradiating crops in horticulture or disinfecting packaging within the food industry.

UV-C systems are also increasingly used in office buildings. Desks, banisters or door handles can be disinfected with UV radiation. This radiation causes microorganisms to be inactivated and can thus prevent contamination. Because the radiation, unlike some chemical disinfectants, is not selective, bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, protozoa and algae can be inactivated.

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UV-C disinfection can mainly be applied to smooth surfaces. This is due to the fact that rough or porous surfaces can create a shadow effect from the UV radiation. As a result, microorganisms in these shadow areas are not irradiated.


Custom surface disinfection

VGE Pro has a wide range of UV-C disinfection systems. These can be used modularly. The choice of the type of irradiation chamber, number of lamps and application-oriented control system depends on the customer's demand.

Customization can be provided for the application of disinfection on (large) surfaces, such as a process line. The disinfection results are sought together with the customer. In this way, a system can be realized that exactly matches the application and can be built into an existing production line or equipment.

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