Air disinfection

UV-C disinfection has been used for years to disinfect water, but is also ideal for air treatment. Air disinfection can be used to prevent the spread of microorganisms through the air.

Multi usable

In horticulture, the spread of fungi through the air can cause problems. These fungi can attack the crops and thus decrease the yield. Disinfecting the air with a VGE Pro UV system can prevent this contamination.

In addition, a UV-C disinfection system can be easily installed in an air treatment system of office buildings, large distribution halls or processing areas. These air treatment systems often circulate the air, causing a continuous spread of (pathogenic) microorganisms. For example, viruses in aerosols can spread through the air for many meters. The air is disinfected by installing a UV system from VGE Pro. This provides safe air to work in.


Easy to install

Our disinfection systems are easy to install. Due to the wide choice of irradiation chambers and control systems, there is always a VGE Pro UV system that matches the application. The best solution is sought together with the customer. And if our systems do not connect perfectly, we will examine whether customization is required to achieve the best disinfection result.

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VGE Pro UV Air disinfection

VGE Pro has developed a new UV-system for safe and reliable disinfection of air. 

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