Water reuse for FruitMasters

FruitMasters uses a VGE Pro HDPE unit for the safe reuse of water to wash apples before processing.

Using UV-C disinfecting to safely reuse water

About the company

FruitMasters is a sales organization to which more than 400 fruit growers are affiliated and whose head office is located in Geldermalsen. FruitMasters takes care of the marketing of their fruit both domestically and abroad. In addition, FruitMasters guides the fruit from cultivation to purchase by the consumer. From sorting and packaging to marketing and shop floor presentation.


For the processing of apples, the apples are transported via long lanes on the water. To ensure that the water can be reused more often, which benefits the water wastage, a correct disinfection method is necessary. The sustainable UV technology from VGE was chosen. The standalone UV installation ensures that bacteria and fungi that can be present in the water and are harmful to the apples are inactivated so that the end product can be safely consumed. In addition, the entire process is monitored and monitored by means of a UV-C sensor and temperature sensor so that the disinfection operation remains within the standards.

Fruitmasters Unit 800X800
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