Seawater desalination system

A customer of us has engineered a turnkey containerized seawater desalination system which takes water from a well for the production of drinking water.

Seawater desalination system

The total production is around 300 m³/day and due to the warm environment in the Libyan desert a disinfection step as pre-treatment is very important to prevent membrane fouling.  Since the use of chlorine can damage the membranes of a Reverse Osmosis system the customer wanted to limit the use of chlorine.

This is where the UV systems of VGE Pro comes in. Directly placed after the multimedia filter to ensure no suspended solids are in the water the UV-C system can handle a peak flow of 25 m³/h. The UV-C light immediately inactivates micro-organisms that are the cause of biofilm formation which increases the lifetime of the membranes and can delay maintenance. Since the system needs to be resistant to warm saline water the materials are all corrosion proof such as the irradiation chamber that is produced of HDPE.

To ensure the effectiveness an UV sensor and temperature sensor are included which guarantees constant quality and prevents overheating in situations where the flow stops.

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