Drainwater disinfection at a strawberry grower

A strawberry grower in the Netherlands was searching for a way to disinfect drain water.

Drainwater disinfection

Strawberry growers grow both in the greenhouse and on racks and open ground. This provides different types of drain water. To properly disinfect the water, a flexible UV water disinfectant is more than welcome. Especially given the increasingly strict rules.

Due to pollution that comes along with the substrate and the addition of nutrients, the water is often a bit more cloudy and requires a different approach. In the case of the strawberry grower, VGE, together with partner Trintech, has designed a UV disinfection system. The system has been placed for an area of ​​16 hectares in total and disinfects the drain water with a maximum of 25 m³ / h. An advanced PLC with touchscreen automatically controls the flow and continuously calculates the transmission of the water.

Sensors continuously measure the water quality, after which, if necessary, the pump capacity is automatically adjusted to increase the contact time. This ensures a better treatment with a higher disinfection result.

There is an automatic filter in the unit and because an acid flush is built in, the quartz glasses in the UV systems are cleaned if they are dirty. All this means that the grower can assume a continuously running installation that regulates and maintains itself completely

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