We're moving next year!

VGE B.V. keeps growing and expanding and that includes a new office!

VGE as a company continues to develop and this naturally also involves the necessary growth. In recent years we have grown so fast that we are almost growing out of our current office building. Time for a new location!

Construction of our completely new location in Schijndel will start this summer. Together with our architect, we have been busy in recent months to create the perfect building in which there is even more space for the development of our UV-C products. At the moment there is not much more than a large lawn, as shown below, but that will change soon enough.

We will of course take you along during the construction of this new building and during the various phases. After a good year of construction, we will move to the Nieuwe Eerdsebaan in Schijndel next summer!

Foto Van Nieuwe Pand Met Gras Nieuwe Eerdsebaan