Shopping carts disinfection system against Covid-19

A lot of our regular activities have been changed since the Covid-19 pandemic, for instance doing groceries. Shopping carts are now being disinfected with sprays and wiped clean with paper. The usage of disinfection sprays takes a customer to clean every single shopping cart by hand and the effectiveness is depending on the involvement of that customer.

Pneunet Group in the Netherlands has developed a system for disinfecting shopping carts by using UV-C light. The system is being developed to disinfect the handles of the shopping cart just before use by using ultraviolet (UV-C) light. By using this system, the disinfection rate will become much higher and of a constant level.  This will save time and reduces stress amongst shop employees about getting infected by contaminated carts and coming in close contact with customers.

Pneunet Winkelwagen Update 2

Development support

UV-C light (not to be mixed up with UV-A or UV-B light used in commercial systems) has an excellent germicidal effect and can therefore be used for disinfection applications. Pneunet Group asked VGE International for help by developing this system. We supported Pneunet Group by supplying UV-C dosage calculations for the usage of our UV-C lights in the system. Pneunet will implement the UV-C lamps in their design and a test version will be send to Italy were it will be tested with the actual Corona virus. When the results turn out positive, the system will be recommended for supermarkets, hardware stores etc.

For more information or if you have any questions on how our UV systems can benefit your facility feel free to reach out to me and I would be glad to further assist you!

Treating surfaces with UV-C disinfection

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Rob van Esch
International sales & product manager