VGE Pro UV Medium Pressure

The VGE Pro medium pressure UV lamp system combines a compact design with a high lamp power.


The VGE Pro product range has low pressure and medium pressure UV lamp based systems. The medium pressure UV lamps emits a wide spectrum of Ultraviolet (UV) light which not only gives very good disinfection results but is also excellent for photolysis applications like the reduction of chloramine in pool applications. The single ended lamp in combination with the S.B.T. (Single-end Bayonet Technology) and the on-chamber visual lamp status indication makes the systems extremely user friendly. We offer four different systems with medium pressure UV lamps: MultiMax, 600-85 Compact, 600-85 Comfort and the 1200-85.

  • Compact design
  • Cross flow irradiation chamber design with low pressure loss
  • Easy to (re)place single ended lamp
  • Effective chloramine reduction

Single End Bayonet Technology (S.B.T.)

The lamp base is equipped with a bayonet technology closure. The lamp itself is single-ended which not only makes it easy to install and replace but also requires service space at only one side of the irradiation chamber.

Benefits SBT
  • Easy to (re)place¬†
  • Visual lamp indication in the lamp head
  • Fast lamp (re)placement without tools
  • Long lamp life
Medium Pressure SBT Lamp

VGE Pro UV-C control units

The VGE Pro Medium Pressure UV systems can be controlled by two differente systems: the compact and comfort controller.

The compact controller is suitable for the Multimax and 600-85 medium pressure units. The compact is a basic controller equipped with a LED lamp life indicator. 

The comfort controller is suitable for the 600-85 and 1200-85 medium pressure units. It's suitable for a UV sensor, temperature sensor or a ModBus. The controller is available in different languages.

Medium Pressure Control Unit Groot 800X800

UV-C & temperature sensor

VGE Pro UV-C units can be equipped with a UV-C & temperature sensor. These digital sensors can be delivered in teflon (only the UV-C sensor) or stainless steel. The VGE Pro control monitors are designed to work with these UV-C & temperature sensors.

INOX Temperatuursensor 800X800
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