VGE Pro UV Immersion

No pressure loss is a great advantage of the VGE Pro Immersion series, because the UV-C lamps are integrated into your water system without a housing. 



The luminaires are made of high quality stainless steel. The immersion units are designed for a working pressure of 6 bar which results in an installation depth of 60 metre. The system can operate fully submerged.


The VGE Pro UV-C INOX Immersion units are equipped with a 9 metre long cable which can easily be connected to the control panel. The cable glands with strain relief protect the cable against kinks which improves the durability.

  • No pressure loss
  • 9 Metre long cable
  • Easy to install

Mounting/connection flange and brackets

The VGE Pro UV-C Immersion systems can be used in filter tanks and containers without introducing extra resistance of headloss. A special mounting and connection flange is available for installing a system in the wall of a tank or container, the wall thickness doesn’t matter.



Special stainless steel mounting brackets are available for an easy and stable installation of the VGE Pro UV-C Immersion units. The brackets can be used for horizontal and vertical installation of the immersion units inside a tank or container. By installing multiple brackets on a frame the unit can also be immersed in a channel.

Immersion Mounting And Connection 800X800

Fixture and lamp

The fixture is made out of stainless steel 316L which allows the use in multiple applications. Because of the grip surface on the operating parts no tools are required for installation or service, all can be done by hand.



The VGE Pro UV-C Immersion system can be delivered with several UV-C lamps, varying in power from 40 watt up to 325 watt. The lamp is installed in a protective quartz sleeve and can withstand vibrations and strong water flows. The UV-C lamps are based on amalgam lamp technology with a lamplife of 16.000 hours. This results in low maintenance costs.


Immersion Fixture 800X800

VGE Pro UV-C control units

Each VGE Pro UV-C disinfection system is equipped with a control cabinet. Depending on the requirements the suited control panel can be selected in combination with a treatment chamber and selected options.

Low Pressure Control Unit 800X800
Water disinfection research facility shrimp

Water disinfection research facility shrimp

A biotechnology-based spin-off company from Ghent University uses VGE Pro for disinfecting water.

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