The VGE Pro UV Float has been specially developed to disinfect reservoirs, storage tanks and cooling towers by means of UV-C radiation.


The INOX Float has a floating cushion on the top with which the unit can be placed in the water. Due to the unique way of installation, this works perfectly with fixed or changing water levels.

  • Fixed or changing water levels.
  • Easy installation
  • 9 meter long cable
  • Varying in power from 40 to 200 Watt

The combination of a floating cushion and the VGE Pro UV INOX Immersion is a perfect solution against viruses, bacteria, algae and bio film in tanks. The ultraviolet radiation deactivates the micro-organisms present, which means that the quality of the water is constantly guaranteed.

The VGE Pro UV INOX Float units are equipped with a 9 meter long cable that can be easily connected to the control panel.

VGE Pro Float 800X800

The VGE Pro UV Float system is available with several UV-C lamps, varying in power from 40 watts to 200 watts. The lamp and quartz tube are mounted in a protective harness which protects the fragile parts from turbulent water flows. The UV-C lamps are based on amalgam lamp technology with a lifespan of 16,000 hours. This results in low maintenance costs.

By using the correct UV-C dose, an environmentally friendly, safe and efficient disinfection is possible without the addition of chemicals.

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