We're moving in May!

VGE B.V. keeps growing and expanding, that includes a whole new office!

VGE as a company continues to develop and this naturally also involves the necessary growth. In recent years we have grown so fast that we are almost growing out of our current office building. Time for a new location!

Construction of our completely new location in Schijndel has started in the summer of 2020. Construction has gone so fast that we can start in our new office even earlier than hoped! The construction on the outside is now as good as finished and we are currently working hard to prepare the inside for moving day.


We will be moving to the Nieuwe Eerdsebaan 26 in Schijndel in the start of May 2021. Until that time: enjoy the video below of last February when the building was covered in snow. 

Bouw Update News Post Maart 2021