New! Medium Pressure Lamp UV Systems

A medium pressure UV lamp system combines a compact design with a high lamp power. Because of the inline design the UV lamp is placed perpendicular to the direction of the flow. 

This is to realize the best possible water treatment result, disinfection or chloramine reduction. So you can enjoy a clean, safe and healthy pool without irritations such as red eyes, irritated skin or headache. With it’s compact design it is easy to install in different applications. The single ended lamp in combination with the S.B.T. (Single-end Bayonet Technology) and the on-chamber visual lamp status indication makes the systems extremely user friendly. We offer three different systems with medium pressure UV lamps: MultiMax, 600-85 Compact and the 600-85 Comfort.


What are the advantages?

The medium pressure UV lamp systems come with a compact chamber design and a easy to (re)place single ended lamp. This lamp is equipped with a visual lamp indication in the lamp head and can be replaced without tools. The unit chamber is made out of glass bead-blasted 316L stainless steel and has an internal finish of Ra 0.8µm. Because of it’s cross flow design the irradiation chamber has a low pressure loss.
When using the medium pressure lamp UV you can reduce the use of chemicals in your swimming pool drastically, which allows a effective chloramine reduction. Therefore you will no longer have red eyes, irritated skin or a headache because of the ”chlorine” smell.



Single end Bayonet Technology (S.B.T.)

The lamp base is equipped with a bayonet technology closure. The lamp itself is single-ended which not only makes it easy to install and replace but also requires service space at only one side of the irradiation chamber.


There are three different types of medium pressure UV lamp systems

We’ve developed two different irradiation chambers and two control panels, which gives three options for medium pressure lamp UV systems. For (private) swimming pools we recommend the MultiMax, equipped with a 400 W lamp. This irradiation chamber has a compact design, a 2” BSPT male thread for easy installation in a pool system and comes with an easy to use controller.

For (semi)public and professional pool systems we recommend the 600-85, equipped with a 600 W lamp. This irradiation chamber has a stronger lamp than the MultiMax, which makes it more powerful. And with the DN80 flanges it’s easy to install in a professional system. You can combine the 600-85 with a Compact of Comfort control panel. The Compact control panel is a basic controller equipped with a LED lamp life indicator. The Comfort control panel is suitable for a UV sensor, a temperature sensor or ModBus. It also comes with a 2 line 16 character LCD display, membrane keyboard and is available in multiple languages.


Want to know more about our Medium Pressure Lamp UV Systems? Download the leaflet below with overview or contact one of our specialist for more advice.

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Medium pressure leaflet

Download our leaflet for more information about the different medium pressure systems.

Rob van Esch
International sales & product manager